Conscious Creating – As Within, So Without.

The 7 Hermetic Principles are based on the philosophical teachings of Hermes Trismegistus and reflect universal laws which are thought to illustrate how the universe works. This philosophy can guide our understanding of manifesting in our own world.  Taking time to understand the meaning the principles can help to see how they can be effectively applied and enhance one’s  life. The principles are Mentalism, Correspondence, Vibration, Polarity, Rhythm, Cause and Effect, Gender.  These are all thought to work together and when understood give you insights to the deeper spiritual nature of reality.  When you understand and practice the 7 Hermetic Principles, you will be less a victim, become more aware of yourself and be a more effective conscious creator.

The first 3 principles can be particularly useful for understanding how we create the reality we live in and how we can use out mental and emotional bodies, in conjunction with each other, to magically manifest what we truly desire in our own world. These are The Principles of Mentalism, Correspondence and Vibration

“The Principles of Truth are Seven; he who knows these, understandingly, possesses the Magic Key before whose touch all the Doors of the Templefly open”.–THE KYBALION”

MENTALISM  – “All is mind, the Universe is Mental.”

This states that everything, all of creation, is mental in nature. As such, thoughts are creative in nature and therefore physicality is from the mind.  In essence this means that what we think we become; our definition creates our reality. Therefore, staying mindful of what we are thinking, saying or feeling about the world around us is in essence creating what comes in to our lives. A great example of this is calling in sick when you are not sick…the next thing you know you get sick!  The subconscious is just as powerful as the conscious here and just as creative.  Therefore, if we want to tap in to this in a positive way, understanding our wounds and triggers becomes empowering as we see in Principle 2

CORRESPONDENCE – “As above, so below; as within so without”.

This means that thoughts, words, beliefs and images that we hold in our conscious and subconscious mind will manifest its mirror likeness in our external circumstance. If we run patterns of lack, we manifest scarcity. Conversely if we hold thoughts of health and healing, we can cure our own illnesses and disease.  The key is alignment of thoughts and feelings amongst the mental, emotional (both conscious and unconscious) and physical bodies, as the physical body also stores reactionary patterns, wounds and trauma. As we release our wounding and programming, we “raise our vibrations”, which brings in the 3rd Principle

VIBRATION –  “Nothing rests, everything moves, everything vibrates.”

A known and studied phenomena, science confirms that everything vibrates at it’s own frequency. Earth itself has a frequency that is measured by the Schumann Resonance, which is never constant.  Everything is in motion all the time.  The slower the vibration, the denser and more slow moving things become.  For example, the Schumman Resonance measures the earth’s frequency typically at around 7.83 HZ while the frequency of visible light ranges from 430 trillion to 750 trillion HZ. Thus, the concept of “raising you vibrations” can be understood. As applied to manifesting and creating reality, the more time spent in the higher vibrations of peace, acceptance, and love, the more quickly and easily one manifesting, moving from the heaviness of density of earth to the speed of light .  An example of the power of frequency in words and emotions can be found through the work of the Japanese doctor Masaru Emoto.  He experimented with water and the effect of words on their crystal structure with stunning results.

Thank You:                    Air on a G String, Bach:

thank you    g string

Put together, the first 3 Hermetic principles of Mentalism, Correspondence and Vibration, show us how important keeping focused on our own mental, physical and emotional body is.  When we see the idea that everything which manifests in our reality is mirror US to OURSELVES, we can begin to understand that we have greater control over our life than it may seem. As such, digging deep in to our own inner world and accepting responsibility for what is on the out world becomes a huge tool to affect great change and consciously creating our true heart’s desire in our own life.

Higher Purpose, Schumann Resonance – Channeled Message

Using the increased frequencies to anchor our higher purpose, a message from the 9D realm.


5D Ascension and 5G: Coincidence??


Power struggle for control of the new planetary energies and using practical enlightenment to navigate it all.

I find it undeniable that the energy and frequencies on this planet as well as those within all beings here, have shifted.  This shift is quantifiable through the changing and increasing measurements of the Shumann Resonance and also through the Heart Math Global Coherence Monitoring System which uses state-of-the-art sensing technology to observe changes in the earth’s magnetic field.    The change is also tangible in the up-leveling in the awareness of people all around who waking up to the unsustainable and web of lies in the systems we currently have in place. At the same time, much information is circulating on topics such as ascension, light waves, instantaneous world changes along with arrival dates that just never seem to manifest.  While I stay open to all possibilities,  personally I am keeping it practical and working my own path of personal growth and inner peace which I feel is key to the overall process.

Why do I feel strongly that personal growth and inner peace so important to the planet? It is because I know that each individual feeds the collective conscious, influence the overall energy of all.  This is supported by the research of Heart Math,  which supports that every living entity on the planet affects it as a whole and is a concept the World Powers already seem to grasp. The thoughts, emotional state and energy of each and every being is important to the world as a whole. Per the linked information from the Heart Math site:

We believe there is a feedback loop between human beings and the earth’s energetic/magnetic systems at a subconscious level affecting the collective consciousness and .

  1. Human and animal health, cognitive functions, emotions and behavior are affected by solar, geomagnetic and other earth-related magnetic fields.
  1. The earth’s magnetic field is a carrier of biologically relevant information that connects all living systems.
  2. Every person affects the global information field.
  3. Collective human consciousness affects the global information field. Therefore, large numbers of people creating heart-centered states of care, love and compassion will generate a more coherent field environment that can benefit others and help offset the current planetary discord and incoherence.

The scientific community is beginning to appreciate and understand at the deeper level how we are all interconnected with and affected by the magnetic fields generated by the sun and earth. Every cell in our bodies is bathed in an external and internal environment of fluctuating invisible magnetic forces.

The earth and ionosphere generate a symphony of frequencies ranging from 0.01 hertz to 300 hertz, and some of the large resonances occurring in the earth’s field are in the same frequency range as those occurring in the human cardiovascular system, brain and autonomic nervous system. Although researchers have looked at some of the possible interactions between the earth’s field and human, animal and plant activity, new data from GCI research is indicating that we may be more deeply interconnected with the earth’s field than previously imagined.”

In essence, individuals are a lot more powerful and important than we are let on to believe!!

Much is being written in metaphysical circles about moving or ascending to “5D”, or the 5th Dimension, and the phenomenon continues to grow.  Recently the work of Delores Cannon and practitioners of her regression technique have significantly shaped the narrative with The Event which is being described as a planetary wave of light energy instantaneously lifting the earth and her inhabitants to “5D”.  There are many different definitions and ideologies on what 5D actually is and what it will look like.  These are sourced from many different places including channeling, light beings, alien contact, Angelic Realms, the Galactic Federations, regression readings, and so on.  So, really then what is 5D?

Scientifically speaking the 5th Dimension is purely hypothetical. “In physics, the Fifth dimension is a hypothetical extra dimension beyond the usual three spatial and one time dimensions. Some scientists have speculated that the graviton, a particle thought to carry the force of gravity, may “leak” into the fifth or higher dimensions which would explain how gravity is significantly weaker than the other three fundamental forces. In 1993 the physicist Gerard ‘t Hooft put forward the holographic principle, which explains that the information about an extra dimension is visible as a curvature in a spacetime with one fewer dimensions. Hooft has speculated that the fifth dimension is really the spacetime fabric. Additionally, it has occasionally been stated the Fifth dimension is probability, meaning that the fifth dimension is the full amount of possibilities that could happen or, in other words, alternate realities. “

Metaphysically speaking, there are many different interpretations however, most consider the dimensions to be levels of consciousness.  When it comes to defining the terms  I personally have typically  preferred to work with factual and somewhat measurable information.  5D has many meanings from  many different sources as the basis. The information is channeled or “downloaded” and none of it is quantifiable.  However, I do not discount any information from different sources out of hand.  If there is one thing I’ve learned, sources of accurate information are frequently intuited or “downloaded” rather coming from the controlled narrative of books and science.  In researching the topic, I find most it most plausible to describe dimensions as a reference to the degree of connection to source.

Up to recent decades, in this current cycle of human existence, we are considered to have existed primarily through the 4th dimension of physicality in time.  The 5th dimension can be defined as “heart consciousness” and the 6th as “oneness with source” or the miracle space. Therefore, it is in this place of true peace withing the 5D/6D space, the there is a dramatic increase in an individual’s power of creating and manifesting their realities.   In these realms of consciousness, one can connect to their etheric bodies, higher self, and God source in the form of intuitive energy including Clairvoyance, Clair-sentience, Clair-audience, Clair-cognizance, and the other psychic senses.  This definition feel most essentially accurate to me.

I would say it is undeniable that collectively we have dramatically increased in our intuitive connections and ability to see through the veils of lies and deceit that shroud the planet. However, in order to truly absorb and maximize these more esoteric abilities, it requires shedding of the 3D weight of duality and Ego.  As the Light energy increases on the Earth, exposing of the shadows is inevitable, requiring each individual to be willing to do whatever work is necessary to detach from their story or narrative and move to a place of integration of self in to the high 5D/6D light energy.

Essentially,  this if moving further along the path of enlightenment or inner peace.


1the act or means of enlightening the state of being enlightened

2: Buddhism a final blessed state marked by the absence of desire or suffering.

More recently enlightenment has become the concept of realization by the individual of their divine essence of oneness with Source/God.  Buddhist monks attain an enlightened state through removing themselves from the world and spending all their time in meditation. Not really too practical is it? As such, I work the concept of practical enlightenment or walking between the worlds, with the worlds here being the 3/4D physical reality while integrating the 5/6D connection to light/oneness source reality.

The first step is learning to walk between the worlds which requires the individual to be in a heart centered and aligned space.

The story of man through history physically lost to us due to the narrative being controlled by each conquering civilization, which would absorb, rewrite and suppress undesirable history. With every new discovery of civilizations far outside the given historical narrative, we free ourselves that much more from the given narrative.  The narrative is designed to keep the individuals’ essence and free thought locked in a controlled paradigm that serves the interests of fraction of those on the planet.  It is this individual freedom that is essential in facilitating the learning and higher energies required to shift beyond the current limited human existence.  Is knowledge power of the truth of our history?  I’d say wisdom is power, having and understanding the information is important to unindoctrinate from the control narrative. However, using it to free yourself rather than becoming trapped in the story is where true personal power lies.

Those in control of the darker narrative do everything the can to keep us locked in a state of lack and fear, controlling the corporations, media, Hollywood, governments, money.  It becomes apparent as the light increases on the Earth and more people are waking up to the unsustainable systems we currently have in place.  As we evolve we are learning that the human has the potential to be a super creator and manifestor.  As we move in to the higher light frequency of oneness with the creator source, we will only amplify this.  Awake individuals, manifesting their vision would be a threat to the darker forces the currently control the narrative on the planet, they lose control of the creative powers of the collective which they effectively use  to manifest their own dark agenda.

I can’t help but notice the new wireless technology is 5G and were supposedly moving to 5D. Coincidence?? I think not.  5G technology is essentially “weaponized frequencies”, a new weapon against the light.  I’ve linked articles below on the US Military’s desired use of 5G and these types higher frequency.  What is that if not an attack on the amplified frequencies of awakeness we are now accessing?  The  FCC has opened the millimeter wave band for broadcasting up through 60 GHz for the 5G technology.  Beyond military weaponization, this is the frequency at which Oxygen Molecules absorb Radio Frequency emissions which in turn affects the body’s ability to absorb oxygen in to the tissues and the body’s ability to produce vitamin D.  This then affects the nervous system and melanin production creating physical symptoms such as paralysis, neurological, headaches – symptoms mimicking polio, encephalitis and other diseases.  Combined with the chemtrails sprayed all over the world on a daily basis, 5G could potentially fry us all.  Considering that these are being installed all across the country, best to look in to ways to help the body absorb oxygen and don’t let 5G in your home as it appears to be just another way to keep the individual from reaching there potential by creating health issues and dampening connection to the light source energies that the human physical body CAN absorb.

From the ScientificAmerican:

In large doses, radio waves, also known as radio frequencies, can disrupt biological functions and break down tissue. There is still much debate over whether or not the radio frequencies emitted from mobile communication devices and the systems that support them pose any danger.

Some studies claim that the radio emissions from power lines, microwaves and radio communications contribute to the growth of tumors and are linked to increased headaches and brain disorders in those with higher exposure. The Federal Communications Commission, which has backed several studies, follows a recommended specific absorption rate of 1.6 watts per kilogram of emission as the public limit of radio frequency absorption from mobile devices. The FCC states that there are no scientific links between cellphone radiation and any illnesses, but the commission’s website does provide some tips to reduce exposure. Moreover, the FCC is required by the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 to continue evaluating and reporting any potential hazards surrounding radio frequencies as they are discovered.

Any electronic device that operates within the radio frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum emits some radio waves, regardless of the presence of an antenna. Radio waves are electromagnetic radiation, but they fall within the category of non-ionizing radiation, meaning they are longer and less energetic wavelengths. Studies on the effects of long-term and close-proximity exposure are still producing mixed results.”

The weaponized frequencies of the 5G and current WiFi systems in place sound pretty grim.  However, I believe the human being can counteract these things by mastering the new light energy currently infusing the Earth, the 5D if you will. The current system of control and enslavement in the darkness cannot withstand the increase in the light as Mother Earth also steadily increases in frequency and light energy.  This is why it is so important for each individual to continue on their own path to truth, enlightenment and inner peace.  Seeing truth, taking responsibility for the life and growth, using discernment in where to put their creative energy to master the energy is key.  Indeed, as we watch the 5D narrative grows through channeled beings, light entities and connection to Galactic Federations/Starseeds, it  seems to become more dramatic and exciting by the minute and I am left to speculate how much of it is misinformation and more distraction from what is  an individual’s path to enlightenment of living in the 5D/6D consciousness.  I have to ask myself how much of this “information” is more controlled narrative and disinformation.

Yet freeing the mind and connecting with the new, higher vibrating energy sources available to you is a crucial step on the personal path to enlightenment.

Question everything, then feel in to the answer you are getting from you OWN source.

Use knowledge and information to free your mind from indoctrination and programming.  At the same time, keep in mind knowledge can also tie the mind in to yet another story, trying to research and discover the truth, formulate the truth and becomes just as crippling as the original story itself.  It’s hard to live in the present when your mind is occupied with the past.  In this sense, my philosophy is hear it, absorb it, integrate it, live it, and let it go.  I personally find that carrying a lot of factual information already that I’ve integrated in to consciousness needlessly occupies my mind. Once you become unconsciously competent with a concept or piece of information retaining the specifics can create needless complexities and mental stories which can slow your progress.

Key words – unconsciously competent.

One clue that you are on your own path to enlightenment is a stronger sense of inner peace, contentment and non-attachment to drama, storylines, and physical things.  Based on my own personal experience on the path to greater inner peace, I’ve found that the absence of desire for other than what is already present is attained through the practice of detachment, which leads to the absence then of suffering and a state of personal peace and contentment.  As such, the path to enlightenment certainly lacks glamour and drama.  It comes through the knowledge and understanding of one’s individual self.  Knowledge of self involves both deprogramming attachments from external world and excavation of the attachments to the internal self, both light and dark.  Do the personal work! This is best accomplished with self love and self care.

We are all living in a world that seems to be incorporating up to 5 maybe 6Ds.  In order to reach 5 and 6 we have to move through 1- 4. In saying this, I mean we are living in a 3/4D world that is now incorporating 5/6D levels of consciousness in to our physical being.  To exist on plant earth, beings will be 1D – 5/6D. Instead of just existing in space time, we will incorporate existing in the light and miracle realms of spirit and greater creativity.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience and therefore, live in a dualistic world with everything being dualistic in nature.  Take away dualism and you take away the human experience.  The key to living in a dualistic reality is to come from a place of detachment from stories, drama, judgments, and fear by bringing these shadow pieces to the light and wholly integrating them. From the Buddhist perspective, enlightenment is the absence of desire and suffering, making it a place of great neutrality from the ego’s perspective.  With no judgment of self or others and no attachments to desire for things to be different than they are there is no drama.  This is difficult for the ego to accept, the ego thrives drama and self awareness is your greatest tool in taming the ego.  One path or even short cut to excavating and releasing issues in meditation.  Through the practice of meditation we attain greater self awareness and release of attachment with little effort.  As we release attachments and judgments, we free our being to bring in more fully our etheric bodies and higher self, and are able to move freely in the higher light vibrations of the 5D consciousness.

So we are back to the esoteric and undefined.  As the light and the dark converge, staying personally aligned and clear in your own intent, with your own creative energy will be imperative to creating a soft landing for the increased light energy.  Everything, all of creation, is made of energy that is vibrating.  As stated by Dr. Claudia Albers in her paper, The Photo Universe: Its All Made Out of Light, “Light creates matter, as photons within matter manifest as vibrational showing that photons are energy and thus energy itself is light”.

Words and  thoughts alone have been demonstrated to influence matter and this concept is so powerful! 

Harness your creative potential by freeing your mind from the control based planetary narrative, clearing your emotional body, and connecting with your higher mind/source through the heart center to co-create the world you want to see rather than letting it be manipulated by the ruling energies destroying the planet.  This is living within the 5D, walking between the worlds, being in the world not of it.

Sources and articles of interest.

Effortless Manifesting?

“Evolution is moving to a place of experiencing of emotions without being consumed by it but rather flowing with it and allowing.  In doing so one moves through zero point or superconductivity where all creativity and change can happen.”  Sue G

Why are we here in a physical body?  We are here to have experiences. Physicality was made possible through the creation of light and dark/good and evil.  Without the dark there can be no light, without evil there can be experience of good because it would just be neutrality.  Creation exists in all it’s many forms so the Source can experience itself while everyone and everything are in remembrance of the Creator.

As a soul goes through an incarnation on Earth, it gathers experiences has emotions and how these experiences are handled in a lifetime are what the soul carries with it with it leaves this plane.  This is because the emotions and how they were processed in a lifetime will influence the frequencies around the soul itself.  When the next incarnation happens, the frequencies from the past lifetimes will generate the experiences in the current one, in effect the karmic cycle.  As the experience is recreated the soul has an opportunity to handle it in a different way.  Additionally, when incarnating in human form, cellualar memory occurs from generational aspects of the parents.  These will match the frequencies of the incarnating soul itself giving each an opportunity to heal or change generational patterns.

The art of manifesting or co-creating is influenced heavily by the soul’s individual frequencies.  In the practice of creating, there is no judgment of good or bad as the Universe itself encompasses all ends of the spectrum.  If someone’s energy is attached to something they are fearing then that is where their creative energy is going and if it’s already a vibrational match to frequency that’s what will be manifested.  So if one is wanting to create a particular thing, relationship, or circumstance, the key is to heal and clear emotional states or patterns that present an energetic block to it or results in a partial manifestation which then includes more learning/healing to reach the next more pure level of what is trying to manifest.

Co-creation occurs through an individuals energetic vibrations in the form of thoughts, emotions, words, and sounds both conscious and unconscious.  These vibrations affect the ether though the mathematical codes of that are generated by these things and influence the matrix to create that state.  This was effectively substantiate by the work of Masaru Emoto, a Japanese author and researcher.  As an aside, his Wikipedia page includes comical attempts at debunking of his work.  You can see forms of his experiments all over youtube done with rice.

Emoto experimented with water by freezing it an observing the crystal formations created by various types of water such as mountain lake water, tap water, polluted water etc. noticing distinct difference in the crystalline formation.  Taking it further, they studied the influence on purified water after exposure to different types of words, music, prayer, and pictures.  The following photos were taken directly from his website linked below.

Air on a G String, Bach

g string

Heavy Metal


Thank you

thank you

You fool

You fool

Considering the fact that the human body is made of around 90%, this research demonstrates not only the power of words and thoughts on the world around us but our own bodies and health.  The human form therefore is a powerful creator and much of our potential remains untapped.   This is why those who understand this creative potential and who appear to have control over much of the planet through governments, media and television.  It’s through these medium that are creative ability is stifled and controlled through fear. This makes it clear as why it’s to each individual’s advantage to step out of fear based indoctrination of organized religion, man created stories of history, public schooling, media and television to take control of our own beliefs.  Our potential to manifest and create is unlimited, we just have tap in to it.  The idea that we individually can co-create can be somewhat challenging to really accept and may come with a attachment of fear due to the personal responsibility involved.

As we learn to manifest and create, self-awareness/self-love is a key driving factor.  As previously discussed, when we incarnate we bring in frequencies, generational issues and have experiences in this lifetime which the ego process and patterns are generated.  The process of self-awareness and self-acceptance of the whole self, including the ego and shadow self are essential.  This process directly impacts an individual’s level of self-worth and value. Without being at a level of deserving and receiving frequency it is difficult or almost impossible to manifest, though miracles can intercede.

Another key to self-love is the ability to take personal responsibility in any situation which serves to help one step out of the victim/blame game.  When one is able to see yourself and take personal responsibility, you dramatically alter the energy in a situation, raise your frequency and release any negative attachment to it.  This is not to say they don’t feel or express anger, sadness, hurt, defensiveness, etc., the opposite in fact.  Acknowledge and give life to ALL emotions which is the easiest way to flow through them putting one back at a point of pure creativity. However, when an individual is feeling attacked or are harmed in some way, they can be with the emotions but look for a way, any way at all big or tiny, to find an action or thought that gives them back their own power and allows the feeling that the have some power in the situation.  Typically, this involves some form of self-care, expression of the emotions, or an action that one can take that will contribute positively to changing the situation.  The situations and possibilities are endless, but each step taken will serve to empower the self.   Negative energy and entities cannot attach to an individual who takes personal responsibility and they will automatically fall away without effort on the individual’s part.

People are typically trying to manifest physical elements or certain ways of being.  In this the biggest key is to be resonating at a frequency that matches the desired outcome which can entail “spiritually manifesting” the state of being first.  Looking for abundance?  Be spiritually abundant, in tune with spirituality what the soul feels is abundant and be truly open to receiving.  Looking for right relationship? Be spiritually mated within the self so that the self is whole and complete.  Looking for purpose?  Be spiritually powerful and purposeful in life by expressing purpose in to everything you do. Within all of these elements, one needs to also be spiritually authentic, fiercely authentic.  Own your shit and be personally responsible for managing, this way power isn’t given over to others.

Lastly, give up attachments to outcomes or trying to control what is. Once we step in to judgment of a person or situation we immediately create a negative attachment.  As the great Master Oogway says “There is no news, there’s just news, there is no good or bad” meaning how things are interpreted and processed it is what assigns the element of good and bad.  He goes on to say, “You will not fulfill your destiny until you let of the illusion of control” meaning one needs work with what the building blocks that Universe presents rather than to try to control or change them in to what one THINK one sees or is best which results in energetic detachment from the outcome and release of attachments such as fear failure or fear of loss which promotes the opposite frequency of why is trying to manifest.

The implication is that manifesting should truly be “effortless”.  Create your life by setting intention for what you desire to manifest and then let it go by focusing on cleaning and clearing the self to let it manifest. By being spiritually abundant, whole and fierce, you can create the space to step out of judgment of self and others, release negative patterns and fears and step in to living your truly inspired life.



Just BE


Today I’m inspired to just be.  It’s another sunny day here, as of yet cloudless, with what seems an ever present haze but at least no chemtrails. I miss big, white fluffy clouds, they are so majestic.  I can’t tell you the last time I saw one where I live.  I miss watching them float across the sky with all their grand shapes and mysteries.  I’m feeling nostalgic.

So much change and growth going on all the time.  You can’t stop it and it’s a challenge to keep pace. Yet,  I’d like to just lay on the warm green grass and watch the clouds float by, no thought to job responsibilities, no fears around upcoming changes, bills, children, soccer, college. I’d love to just lay there, warm breeze drifting across my skin,  a tiger swallowtail flapping in to my view, darting to and fro in all its golden yellow and black striping beauty.  I miss tiger swallow tails, warm sun, fluffy clouds, and green grass.

I can close my eyes and be there though. I can just BE. The yellow sun warming me, clouds drifting, sparrows and robins going about their business, butterfly landing on the flower very near me.  I feel strengthened.  The sun fills me.  I absorb life force.  The ground connecting me, centering me, raising my vibrational frequency.  I feel at peace.  The butterfly showing me the true beauty of change. I feel a inspired, whole, and complete.


Gematria of the Soul

Let’s have some soul talk.  What is the soul?

As defined by Merriam-Webster:

Definition of soul

1: the immaterial essence, animating principle, or actuating cause of an individual life

2a : the spiritual principle embodied in human beings, all rational and spiritual beings, or the universe

b capitalizedChristian Science : god 1b

3: a person’s total self

4a : an active or essential part

 5a : the moral and emotional nature of human beings

b : the quality that arouses emotion and sentiment

c : spiritual or moral force :


The ESSENCE that animates.


Definition of Essence

1a the permanent as contrasted with the accidental element of being

b the individual, real, or ultimate nature of a thing especially as opposed to its existence

2: something that exists


The immaterial, essential, permanent element of being that EXISTS.


Definition of exist

intransitive verb

1a : to have real being whether material or spiritual

b : to have being in a specified place or with respect to understood limitations or conditions

2: to continue to be

3a : to have life or the functions of vitality

b : to live at an inferior level or under adverse circumstances


By definition then the SOUL is an immaterial, essential, permanent element of being that has the functions of vitality. 

I have to note, that sounds like an INSPIRED BEING to me!

 Let’s look at the gematria, which is the practice of coding letters with numbers to get a numerical value for words and/or phrases, and the numerology of some of these words and their energetic meaning.

Word or Phrase Full Reduction Single Reduction English Ordinal Jewish Reverse Full Reduction
ESSENTIAL 32 50 104 360 58
EXIST 23 32 77 504 31
LIFE 23 23 32 40 22
SOUL 13 22 67 360 23


Notice SOUL sums to 13 using a full reduction cipher s=1 0=6 u=3 l=3 or 1+6+3+3=13.  Using the principles of numerology, the number 1 brings the energy of new beginnings and leadership, while the number 3 reflects creativity and communication and then 1+3=4 with 4 being structure.  While in the single reduction cipher,  soul sums to master number 22,  is the number of a master builder and what is the soul but the builder of our life? Note the number 67, in the English Ordinal cipher, 6+7=13, 360 Jewish cipher reducing to 9 and 23/5 in a reverse reduction cipher

These numbers sync  with LIFE 23/5, it’s inverse 32/5, and again a 22/4.  In numerology the number 2 brings the energy of cooperation and harmony with again the number 3 communication and creative while the 5 energy of change, motion, and adventure.

EXIST has similar numbers to life but also includes the 77/14/5 and 31 which is the inverse of 13, while ESSENTIAL has the 32 which is the inverse of 23, 360/9 and 58 5+8=13.

Interesting to note, these numbers in the grid all reduce to 4, 5, and 9 because after all 4+5=9.

Does that make you think just a little bit more about numbers? 

In case you’re wondering:

INSPIRED BEING 77 86 131 360 76

Just for fun, I’ll let you do the math.

Big Love!!