Gematria of the Hawaii False Alert



On January 13, 2018, an emergency alert was sent to mobile phones and televisions on the Hawaiian islands warning of an incoming ballistic missile.  Mainstream news sources indicate that by 8:13 am officials issued a cancellation to the alert via Twitter and websites however, the original smart phone alert was not cancelled until 8:45 am, 38 minutes later.

To get a sense of how things felt there, here is a good real time video:

Government officials later indicated, to mainstream media news sources in live interview, that an employee had erroneously clicked on the wrong thing during a shift change.  As time has passed, however, the story has changed almost completely to there having been test taking place that accidentally went live, to there being a rogue employee with possible mental issue who was subsequently fired.   Wikipedia claims that no sirens ever sounded while witness and MSM sources contradict this story. The shifting narrative, clearly to make the official account more believable, makes the whole story suspect. Mainstream media has provided limited information while alternate media sources report sightings of unusual craft and exploding meteors in the area of Hawaii at around the same time.

What really happened??

It’s pretty much inconceivable that the system would allow an accidental “pushing of a button” to alert a BALLISTIC MISSILE strike.  Leaves one of two options, an actual missile event, likely shot down or otherwise eliminated, or complete false flag event for whatever purpose or agenda.  Let’s break it down using gematria, the system of assigning numeric values to letters, words, or phrases which can be used to decode events and news stories to help decode the matrix we live in by seeing the truth.

A great tool for reading the code is the Gematrinator calculator which is linked below.  To decode an event, I work with the key phrases and words, looking for patterns or repetitions and syncs with other words. I start with date numerology which is also significant and go from there.

1/13/2018 – {1+13=14}  / {1+1+3+2+0+1+8 = 16}  /  {1+13+2+0+1+8=23}

Also of note, Jan 13 is the thirteenth day of the year.

CIA in Pythagoras gematria (1-9) is 3+9+1 = 13, nuclear attack =130.  CIA = 23 in reverse gematria 6+9+8=23

The intial alert came at 8:07 am, similar to 87, order out of chaos=87.

NWO=16 or 5+5+6

160=ballistic missile alert

The New World Order who wants to propagate a one world government by creating “order out of chaos” syncs with date numerology.

These initial numbers give a good indication that this was a planned event by some faction in order to create chaos, possibly by starting a war with North Korea, in the event of a real missile launch or counter attack to the supposed incoming missile.

As for the number 13:

Word or Phrase English Ordinal
thirteen 99

99= Hawaiian islands, THIS IS NOT A DRILL, false alert, dolphin submarine

The dolphin submarine is a class of submarines which the Israeli navy bought from Germany, that do have missile launch capabilities. See Wiki link below.

At 8:10 am per mainstream sources, the US Pacific Command, notified authorities that there was no threat.

Word or Phrase Sumerian
Israeli Navy 810

81= dolphin submarine, mark of the beast, Hawaiian islands

Word or Phrase English Extended Sumerian Reverse Sumerian
THIS IS NOT A DRILL 900 1134 1296
US Pacific Command 699 900 1692
Hawaiian 579 396 900

90= dolphin submarine, mark of the beast, emergency alert system.

At 8:45 am, 38 minutes later, the agency was able to cancel the alert via the phone system


Word or Phrase English Ordinal Reverse Ordinal Sumerian Reverse Sumerian
thirty eight 149 148 894 888

149= Revelation, sixty six

Speaking of the mark of the beast..

Word or Phrase English Ordinal
Hawaiian islands 144
Zionist agenda 144
mark of the beast 144

The beast is associated with the number 666 in the bible.

Word or Phrase Reverse Sumerian
dolphin 666

66= ballistic, Hawaiian islands, terrorized, eight o seven, intervention

Sixty six has a double tie in:

Word or Phrase Sumerian Reverse Sumerian
sixty six 894 402
Revelation 726 894
thirty eight 894 888
Donald J Trump 888 1056

As of yet, there is minimal off source information to say there was really a missile.  However, in my opinion, there is enough number syncs to say that a submarine could have launched a missile that was shot down.  That the event was some sort of false flag meant to create terror and chaos is without question. CIA? Zionists? Secret or Dark Navy?At this point, I don’t put it past the shadow faction to forward their agenda by detonating a bomb somewhere to start a money-making World War event and creation of a one world government. A sad commentary.  Keep looking up people, seek the truth, and transmute the agenda programming by detaching from the narrative and staying positive.  Be kind to one another, we’re all in this together.

News and blog post sources utilized are linked below.






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